How to make use of my circle of friends to earn 1 million 350 thousand of WeChat friends circle

to write something for me is actually a more difficult thing, not to say that I can not write, but I am lazy, unwilling to write, do not like to think about the idea of the article. Accustomed to the idea of pseudo original things suddenly I want to write something original really a little bit difficult. It is also because a long time did not write a long article of the original, so I think today to write, but also to give yourself a bit of account. Of course, to write to write a little dry cargo, now there is no one to see the dry cargo, no dry cargo article is not worth reading. I today to share with you one of my friends understand the use of WeChat and Taobao join marketing years into 1 million 350 thousand story, because do not have to contact this friend can open its name and the name of the project, so the following are used instead of the virtual name name and the name of the project. Nonsense not to say, sharing began.

I know this friend is also on the Internet to know, and later learned that he is my hometown, we have seen a face in Nanchang. After graduating from college he went to work in Guangdong, from the most basic level, just started the store’s sales staff, the daily working time is 13 hours, it is very tiring, it can be imagined. But the friend has a spirit is very commendable, he can endure hardship, no matter how tired one day later he returned home from work to do one thing, is to read books for 2 hours, he believed that knowledge can change the fate of. A lot of people want to ask him what books to see ah, it is also used to say it, since it is to contribute to the blog article Lu Songsong must be on the site or e-commerce books ah. So he insisted a year later was promoted as a manager, this time he had more time to read books, have their own independent office, he has a better learning environment, to start their own on the Internet slowly, according to their reading methods to practice slowly, but this when he found something very funny books are not applicable, the development of the Internet is too fast, the stuff of books and a lot of reality is not the same, electronic commerce before learning to knowledge now is not used, he began to realise in the development of electronic commerce must to practice, to constantly update their knowledge and practice combination. This was one of his classmates just found what he wanted him to do an electronic commerce project, so in the later half of the dry management positions he resigned, and students on Taobao opened a shop, selling products Adult supplies.


so he started with his classmate’s partnership venture, but this time is already the 10 year, when Adult supplies industry have been rotten, not to shop a year they went bankrupt, but in the meantime he said he also learned a lot of things, though failed, but also let him really understand the Taobao operating mode, understand the rules of the Taobao shop and the need to pay attention to the things in Taobao, do like customer service to the logistics; how to.

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