The hot spot by birth catch powder is really idiotic marketing

Internet hot events is often the biggest concern of the enterprises and the media industry and so on, because the "hot spot" attracted attention is important, but in the use of "hot spot" campaign out of the event marketing, grasp the "idiotic powder" users often become the mainstream model.

we can from the precise marketing and extensive marketing will be simply divided into two types, namely, precision marketing and extensive marketing idiotic powder.

of precision marketing, facing the different industries, different users need is naturally different countermeasures, operation trouble, cost of energy and better effect, but a good brand, need never just precision marketing, like precise user LV bag is first-rate, but the economic conditions of women almost all economic class women are aware of the value of the LV brand; a product or a product brand shape, is bound to the surging trend spread to all areas. This momentum is relying on another extensive marketing, we called the idiotic powder marketing.

WeChat’s idiotic marketing and millet idiotic powder marketing


more than 600 million users, can be said to be the most idiotic powder prone places, whether it is a variety of small game recently by WeChat blew hot: surrounded by nervous cat, looking for Jaycee Chan, ice bucket challenge, or mass testing friends, the collective suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, are not attributable to the user’s "idiotic" herd behavior users of the new things, pay close attention to

!The process of

powder is more similar to a idiotic brainwashing, talk about marketing fans almost always cannot avoid the millet, millet is millet have a fancier "price" positioning attracted two is the "millet" brand of "idiotic" highly recognized, the netizen is had sharp evaluation "I see is millet brand copycat machine", but in any case, the brand value of millet "has also been recognized by the friends of friends.

we look at the two "idiotic" marketing in common

first, spread wide user level. WeChat itself has more than 600 million users, millet is located in the domestic the largest number and the most active groups of grass root activists.

second, leading role. The leader of the ice bucket challenge is the star with the technology of celebrities, hot communication events itself is concerned there, so there is a large public leader in WeChat WeChat, micro-blog’s V account also had dominate over.

third, easy to spread. This can almost be regarded as the Internet has the advantage of being born, as long as a picture, a commentary, a link has been a complete sharing conditions. Whether it is the circle of friends of WeChat communication game, or a variety of tests and sharing, communication mode are extremely simple, millet fans have vigorously with micro-blog marketing has also followed the same pattern.

fourth, it is almost a common problem from the perspective of the Internet, there is a "hot spot" signs by various chiefs and the media to "

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