Domain name tort and Tort Events increasing opportunities dance

Jeremy Lin in the U.S. professional basketball league quickly became popular on the network also set off a whirlwind". Many domestic enterprises and individuals have registered the domain name Jeremy Lin, 22 and Jeremy Lin related domain name including English, have been registered. "Jeremy Lin" and ".Cn domain" by two Xiamen enterprises have been registered, "" has been openly selling online.

"people rely on their own efforts, has a reputation as a market appeal, then, should respect the market reputation, and should not break the rules, or that can not help others reputation to seek their own interests some improper." Cui Guobin, an associate professor at the Tsinghua University law school believes that the use of the domain name itself is the market value of the malicious cybersquatting, but no ground for blame, should be limited.

domain name infringement incidents increased year by year

at the beginning of the dragon, and popular events related to infringement have staged, and the domain name infringement has become one of the important scene. Apple Corp in Chinese with iPad trademark infringement lawsuit, this lesson, Facebook has more than and 60 registered trademark and domain name in a China, Ctrip, eLong, with the way the three tourism network has repurchased Larry domain. The business domain names has become a hotly contested spot.

business opportunities will be action, cybersquatting has become a new tool of trade. In 2008, the Beijing Olympic mascots "Fuwa" international translation just changed from "Friendlies" to "Fuwa", the sensitive domain investors registered immediately related to the domain name, and have in the shopping website at China biggest auction.

Department of automation Tsinghua University doctoral student Linghu Changhai think, the domain name is now an important resource, the perpetrators is nothing more than a fancy their advertising value, for the most in need of the domain name and domain name to buy at high prices.

domain name registration is not complicated, as long as the registered account in assisting the user application on the company’s website, enter the contact information and payment can have a right to use the domain name. The reporter opens the registration of domain name and website for million net, the home of the prominent position is the domain name quote, the suffix ".Cn" domain name for the price of 99 yuan a year, the more common ".Com" and ".Net" for the price of 139 yuan per year.

2010, the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPO Center) submitted 2696 pieces of cybersquatting case, involving a total of 4370 domain names, 28% more than in 2009, an increase of 16% compared to 2008. From the data, the growth in the number of relevant arbitration cases cybersquatting soon.

according to the attention of intellectual property lawyer Liu Honghui introduced the cybersquatting phenomenon not only in China or individual countries and regions in the world, but many have occurred, often involving celebrities, famous and representative words. For this reason, the coordination between countries and the coordination of international organizations