Website operation with my growth

was in grade six. I started to run into a computer. I didn’t know what a computer could do..

only knows he can play games, but I have no interest in the game.

in junior high school, I began to enter the world of the network, do not know what is called the network

only knew that there was something I wanted. Anything. I could find all the civilized areas in our hometown,.

slowly, I began to be interested in the network, began to find the resources I need in the network. What is BBS. what is B2B, what is B2C

I do not understand anything. Later in the hometown of the local forum slowly developed. Just know that BBS is the forum. In fact, it is just a website.

at that time. In the network to find a lot of resources. To. The Chinese webmaster, Adsense bus and other resources to seek..

a forum has been completed, to see their own credit, so that they feel relieved! At that time, the forum is actually very simple, the site is very simple.

after a period of time, but I found that I opened the forum. How can it? What people do not have.. my work is in vain?

at that time. I made a paste from each forum. And Q friends send information, a lot of support for my forum.. but a person has not. Why?

I’ve been looking for reasons. It really feels strange, why do all of the people run to other people’s forum. And my BBS and die

later. I want to change to B2B. but the effect is the same. No one wants to stay in it for a while.

the time passed slowly. I was trying to find a cause,, why do I stand so? In search of resources. Baidu..

found night from the day

until I see a website on how to provide a popular popularity of the post? Really know that I am good to learn. In the inside also spent a period of time

website operation is not mainly rely on: engine, promotion, planning, analysis and so on in that forum, I learned the site operation. Station Jane, operation difficult. This is the most important I learned./

a website no matter how beautiful, no experience of peopleWhat is called the

engine? In fact, the word engine all understand, understand what! Someone put the engine called the engine, in fact, the engine power output is a set of equipment, including gear, engine and transmission shafts, visible engine is only a part of the engine, but it is the core part of the whole the engine, so the engine called text >