Wo Wo Group won the original shareholders team 50 million Xu Maodong invested over 50%


Wo Wo Group was the original shareholders of $50 million in capital investment team Xu Maodong 50%

[TechWeb] reported on May 21st news, Wo Wo Group (ie Wowo mall) chairman and CEO Xu Maodong said Wo Wo Group, the original shareholders team has Wo Wo Group once again into the $50 million, or about 310 million yuan, of which Xu Maodong investment accounted for more than 50%, in order to promote the deepening development of Wo Wo Group to the field of life services vertical.

Wo Wo Group relevant responsible person said that the financing will be mainly used for strategic expansion of Wo Wo Group. First, open up new cities, expanding the number of urban coverage; two is to expand the mobile business, to build a mobile mall; the three is to continue to improve their products and services to better serve consumers and businesses.

Wo Wo Group marketing department announced that the original investor is Xu Maodong and several other shareholders, including Xu Maodong investment accounted for more than 50%, but did not disclose the detailed list of several other shareholders, "said the other shareholders is not accounted for.

it is reported that in 2011, Wo Wo Group announced a strategic investment by CDH, Tianyou, clear and many other investment institutions, and it is expected that the round of financing scale is expected to be $200 million, but since then Wo Wo Group has not disclosed the specific amount of financing and related progress.

According to

reports, Wo Wo Group is currently in the country’s more than and 200 city set up a professional local service group, its active membership has reached about 30000000, the total number of businesses have been settled more than 20 million. (eight)