Webmaster daily broadcast millet 360 hit Chrome into the world’s first browser

1, millet 360 hit: onlookers small battle of the world


create a U.S. technology stocks the largest financing record while in Facebook, some domestic Internet companies are also due to busy slobber war. But experts and commentators comment on side Facebook listing, while true". It is reported that in May 18th 360, chairman Zhou Hongyi and chairman Lei Jun millet technology in Sina micro-blog, because mobile phone problems accuse each other, each for the other micro-blog more than 10, by Internet users as "3 little wars" (millet and 360). In May 18th, the price of 1499 yuan dual core 1.2G millet mobile youth version of the listing. After two hours, the 360 announced the launch of the first 360 special for the machine 1.0G dual core HUAWEI shine, price and pricing with millet youth version of 1499 yuan.

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2, Chrome beyond IE into the world’s largest browser

Sina Technology Beijing time on May 21st afternoon news, the U.S. market research firm Statcounter data show that as of this year in May, Chrome has surpassed IE to become the world’s largest browser. Firefox and Safari rank third and fourth place. Data show that in May this year, the global Chrome browser share of approximately 33%, topped the world beyond IE 32%. Firefox slow down, the global share of about 25%. Safari and Opera share of less than 10%. But in the Chinese market, although the market share of IE fell more than 15%, still shake the lead with a share of 72%. Chrome is about 12%.

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3, Alibaba signed an agreement with YAHOO: $7 billion repurchase of

stake of $20%Sina Technology

Beijing time on May 21st morning news, according to U.S. technology blog AllThingsD reported that YAHOO has signed an agreement with the Alibaba, will sell the company holds half of the $7 billion stake in the Alibaba. According to the agreement reached between the two companies, if Alibaba listed in December 2015, will have the right to repurchase the remaining 20% stake in the hands of YAHOO. Alibaba is raising funds for repurchase equity. YAHOO currently holds about 40% stake in the company, the sale of $20%, which means that Alibaba’s valuation of up to $35 billion. YAHOO will be more than $4 billion net profit, the money will be used to repurchase shares.

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4, the electricity supplier price war half express not the authenticity of the suspected

explosion promotion

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