After one of the lonely nternet boom

      Jingxiaxinlai summary of the Internet is not a pleasing thing, of course, the summary and comment on things like that, no matter what you do, there is always flattering meaning. The same is true of the internet. Though it is so arrogant, it seems the Internet has become the new ruler of the world, but you have to admit, the so-called master, the so-called arrogant, more people are born in the Internet the eager to get a mood outside approval. Anyway, no matter how you explain, no matter how many examples in this show, Chinese traditional even fiercer than tigers of the traditional value evaluation system, the Internet as a new thing, an outsider, to get a large area of mainstream society certainly still needs time.

      last night, a media friend called me and asked me what was the hot spot on the Internet recently. His media was not purely concerned about the Internet media, and even less concerned about IT. But over the years, but retains the layout of the IT. More recently, the media has been working with another larger media, especially in its original non mainstream content and layout.

      a media attention on the Internet, is close to the tourism, literature, calligraphy and painting, such as fangcaode attitude, on the one hand, that the Internet status has been improved. On the other hand, in a business magazine, shows that it’s not essential. This is understandable. My friend asked, "what’s hot in the Internet? If not, it’s not reported.

      only hot spots need to be reported.

      hot spot? Recently, what is hot on the Internet?

      thin want to come, too, the Internet is a very strange circle. Has its own unique culture and have a strong sense of entrepreneurship, has a strong capital background, technical power, there are a variety of narcissism, gossip, poaching, anonymous events, nude, technology neutrality, personal attacks, slander, also have people somehow suddenly on fire, I do not know why all of a sudden the soundless and stirless, from this point of view, special entertainment.

      this small hot spot has. But if there is no stock market as big as the hot spots, the wave, the Internet is so lonely on the whole. Especially, increased in all but the hustle and bustle, highlight it super lonely heart.

      2 wave said over the past, the concept of fire was in a complete mess, now is in a complete mess. Claims to get a lot of investment, as claimed to be listed, but not a few. To say that, the godfather of the characters are a few dial, very engaged