Alexa ranking strange phenomenon

      recently on the Alexa website ranking four gunsmoke, there is news that the Sohu more than the flow of sina, I conducted a survey, quite strange. Since August, Alexa frequent change ranking algorithm, resulting in a lot of China site traffic to be cleared, there are also the decline in the three major portals Sina, NetEase, Tencent flow. The strange thing is that the Sohu recently in the "industry depression" situation it can "gone against the tide", in two weeks, the flow will not drop, but the rapid rise is very puzzling.

      reduction of a real Alexa

      Alexa is a website dedicated to the world rankings. Founded in April 1996 in the United states. 1999, Alexa was acquired by Amazon Co. Alexa’s ranking of the world’s Web site is mainly divided into two categories: comprehensive ranking and ranking. Comprehensive ranking is also called absolute ranking, that is, a specific site in all sites in the rankings. Alexa through the installation of Alexa Toolbar (hereinafter referred to as the Alexa toolbar) to record the IE user’s network access, in order to obtain access to traffic information.

      reporter learned through the investigation, in Chinese, Alexa days are not so easy: first, Alexa tools do not support Chinese, so that domestic users did not install it habits; second, although the Alexa toolbar has advertising shielding effect, but not as much as screening tools in Windows well it, in scanty domestic users; thirdly, due to the rise of rogue software, anti malware software and anti-virus software function gradually improved and powerful tools, Alexa has been a number of software tools and antivirus software as a Trojan horse and virus, the Alexa tool in China was almost eradicated. These have seriously affected the sampling and data collection of Alexa in China, Alexa ranking science and rationality can be seen.

      Sohu "gone against the tide of" the trick?

      Alexa in addition to the "flawed", there are still a lot of weakness". Alexa cheating, is already known to all the secrets. A senior industry source told reporters, there are many methods about Alexa such as cheating by proxy server repeatedly refresh the page; break Alexa tool, change the program, and then send the repeated access to data, in order to improve the traffic effect; also in the target site a few pages to add "meta" automatic refresh statement. Let auto refresh and so on. In this impetuous era of the Internet, the integrity of the phenomenon is more and more worthy of attention, in the Alexa ranking of Chinese Web site set >