Nora piracy or fined 260 million of the most punished China nternet Corporation

[global technology Roundup] 20 pm "Economic Observer" micro-blog said, Shenzhen city market supervisory authority intends to serve the administrative punishment hearing notice, to be suspected of a number of serious piracy Nora fined 260 million yuan. As Nora is not in the middle of the company, the notice of the implementation of the lien service.

in March this year, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau formally filed for Nora piracy. In May 15th, the national pornography office announced that Nora dissemination of pornographic content information behavior and the circumstances are serious. According to relevant regulations, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority intends to impose administrative penalties for the revocation of value-added telecommunications business license. At the same time, dissemination of pornographic information broadcast acts alleged to constitute a crime, the public security departments have been on file for investigation, detention of a number of suspects.

in recent years, market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality has repeatedly interviewed on issues related to copyright Nora, urging its legitimate business, active rectification, transformation as soon as possible.

May 17th, Nora posted on its Web site, the restructuring announcement, saying that since March 2014, the company has started a comprehensive business model transformation, the original content from the original technology transformation. Nora said the company is willing to actively cooperate with the competent authorities in charge of the administrative penalty, the initiative for the rectification of the overall business, and ultimately promote the successful transformation of Nora business.

industry veteran said, the anti pornography has great influence on the video industry, after many video sites are walking a fine line, but with only nora.

addition, 260 million yuan ticket price also sparked controversy. Some analysts have pointed out that if the 260 million yuan fine settled, will hit the domestic Internet Co suffered the most administrative punishment, equivalent to a year in the past Nora revenue.

according to news on the evening of 20, the Shenzhen market supervision and administration of the relevant responsible person said accept reporters, on the Shenzhen Nora technology limited case is still in legal proceedings has been given administrative punishment decision letter. (Rui Yifang)