Google AdSense Guangzhou optimization Conference

      there was a website that has high quality flow, every day Google AdSense income is not high, then later by Google AdSense group Google AdSense every day to help optimize the advertising revenue from the original ten knife up to about $sixty.

      the above thing is Google AdSense group said, I think there may be due to the Google of AdSense in the optimization and optimization, there is a big gap between stationmaster income, so the Google AdSense team to help webmasters to increase revenue in the country for the Google AdSense optimization tour on October 25th, came to the meeting Guangzhou, Guangzhou city as a webmaster, I also invited one of the owners to attend.

      when I was pregnant with a sincere attitude of learning to the city ring road Guangdong International Building, after the sign into the venue, the venue has quickly filled with people, I want to find a seat in front of the already impossible, not easy at the edge of the most places also find a place to sit in the section.

      three p.m., presided over the introduction of their Google AdSense team members after the official start of the meeting. First by a handsome guy to give us a theme of the report, he is mainly introduced the related products and the use of Google AdSense to us, mainly new products such as: search alliance, mobile Internet advertising, advertising promotion of these things, and said about the Western Union, Western Union remittance webmasters may concern he said, there is the name of the remittance collection is such as pinyin, we separate account there first and last name pinyin can be. More related issues can go to Google AdSense Chinese blog to look at. Finally, the speech also told us that they Google AdSense 07 years of work is to have more communication and we know the idea.

      followed by a group of Google AdSense beauty to tell us about the site optimization problem, teach us how to improve the quality of traffic on the basis of income.


      MM tells us that there are four elements of advertising optimization, the mastery of these four elements is equivalent to the success of the 80%. These four elements are advertising format, advertising color, advertising position, channel tracking.

      in practice, the conclusion of the content information website, with a large rectangular PIP wide >