Stationmaster net broadcast Alipay from the spare tire to the platform the devil angel Zhou Hongyi B

1 Network letter office: a comprehensive clean-up of " with capital stocks " illegal network advertising

National Internet Information Office issued a notice: the Internet platform, the media units from the date of this circular, comprehensive clean-up of illegal publicity with capital stocks of all advertising information, and take necessary measures to prohibit any organizations and individuals released through the network channels of the illegal advertising information.

The new version of Alipay

2: from " to " platform; spare tire;   transformation;


facelift was a lot from my circle of friends Tucao, WeChat intercepted a few paragraphs, He Shulong made the "two bank cards to chat, feel a little strange……" A lot of people, "the tiger sniffing forwarding Alipay WeChat, comment on plagiarism". Can’t say that the argument does not make sense, but there are also "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint" feeling. Everyone thinks they’re right, but it’s not like that.

Alipay launched 12 years, 2014 to become the world’s largest mobile payment products. I participated in the Alipay conference many times, always hear them talking about the sea of stars, such as hospitals, supermarkets, bus and other future series, ideal and reality are often intertwined, but I’m still not too clear strategic planning O2O Alipay in the end where betting.


3 "devil angel" Zhou Hongyi: Nora fall in the IPO Road, more than half of the investment failure  

as a transition from entrepreneurs to angel investors, Zhou Hongyi’s investment style is the experience with their own business, as much as possible to provide help for many entrepreneurs, especially in the start-up stage, he is not only an investor, is an entrepreneur. Zhou Hongyi is not taboo to talk about his failure, he admitted that the initial investment projects failed more than half.

in the minds of entrepreneurs, angel investors are shrouded by halo. They are life mentors, or entrepreneurial talent, in terms of entrepreneurs, to get the favor of well-known angel investors in itself is a thing to boast of. There is no doubt that most of the angel investment people have a very representative investment cases, these successful cases to some extent amplified their success. But as the two sides of the coin, the well-known angel investors also have to mention B surface. When entrepreneurs consider whether or not to accept angel investment in people’s investment, it is possible to understand the most authentic investors through their B.

4 Nintendo President Iwata So died of illness: at the age of 55  

Beijing time on July 13th morning news, Nintendo has just released a short announcement that the company president Iwata So has died of illness in July 11th, aged 55.

, the company said in a statement: "Nintendo with a heavy heart that President Iwata So in 201>