Baidu has launched the ah Fengming plan will introduce the independent shop


e-commerce platform "have ah" the day before to announce "Fengming plan". According to this plan, ah, will introduce a number of independent brands and independent shop, good operation, to provide quality services and after-sale protection of corporate business.

The general manager of Baidu

e-commerce division Li Mingyuan said, "Fengming plan" mainly for business class businesses, will use the "flagship store" model settled, Baidu provides guarantee for business, brand resources promotion, help them enhance brand value and liquidity, and businesses for users to provide quality products and services, ecosystem the two sides together to create a good business.

it is understood that the first batch of businesses have been locked, with their own brands and independent shop, well run, and can provide quality services in the logistics, after-sales and other businesses will become the first choice. After settled, its will be synchronized with its own independent shop inventory in the "ah" "flagship store", while Baidu will assemble under the brand area, extension services and other marketing resources to help businesses achieve brand and sales double harvest.