Multiple WeChat public account password theft official has not yet responded

recently, there are a number of WeChat public holders to reflect the financial network, which operates the WeChat public subscription account stolen, mass spam. Stolen account includes the number of public and public institutions. Financial network reporter noted that the problem accounts are "stuff" and "Wen Hui Road No. three". The former is a columnist Dong Gun WeChat public number, not regularly push personal column article.

"Wenhui Road No. three" is Chinese Film Archive public number, push the information to the museum’s message and dynamic. Two accounts are released for the same brand of sports shoes purchasing advertising, but attached to the two different web site.



May 8th, also @ Yuan Han micro-blog @ Shaanxi Normal University and other individuals and organizations for users to publish information on Sina said micro-blog, WeChat’s own public account stolen, mass advertising information to subscribers.


WeChat team has not yet responded.


public platform on the need to rely on registered mail or QQ number, micro signal and password, need to submit the registration of real name registration information public number at the time of application, including holding my ID positive picture. Subscription number every day can be a mass of information to subscribers.

WeChat public platform landing page

November 2013, Tencent has revealed that the number of monthly active users in China and outside the country has more than 270 million people, including the number of public accounts more than 2 million, about 8000 growth rate can be maintained every day, up to.

May 6, 2014, Tencent announced the restructuring of the organization, the establishment of WeChat business group, Zhang Xiaolong served as president of WeChat group. WeChat will be responsible for the future of WeChat mobile Internet based social networking, open and O2O platform to provide users with instant messaging and online entertainment, life and commercialization of integrated services, to create more value. In addition to the inherent business, also offer the formerly Tencent O2O business electricity supplier company.

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