NetEase Canbei mailbox face the security problem is long standing

today announced the discovery of a new cloud platform vulnerability report vulnerabilities, this vulnerability will cause NetEase 163/126 mailbox nearly 500 million data leakage, and yesterday just a NetEase mailbox residual beaten face, but in fact, the problem of NetEase has come early.

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from the beginning of October 17th, a lot of people began to reflect on the micro-blog mailbox content is said to be leaked. As of today, search for "NetEase mailbox" on micro-blog, netizens Tucao almost innumerable.

NetEase micro-blog micro-blog mailbox official rumor in the afternoon yesterday: "the NetEase mailbox team investigation, network rumor is not true. NetEase mailbox database does not exist to be attacked and compromised, the same account was attacked and NetEase mailbox database unrelated. As part of the site to the user password reset e-mail, NetEase has taken a variety of security measures to upgrade the risk control strategy."


But the face is quite

this afternoon, the clouds loophole reporting platform announced the discovery of new vulnerabilities, this vulnerability will cause NetEase 163/126 mailbox nearly 500 million data leakage, involving email account / password / user password protection etc.. And because the problem of retrieving the password and the MD5 value of the answer has been leaked, the attacker will be able to modify the information, the owner of those mailboxes will be almost out of control. This will also cause other services associated with the mailbox to be stolen.


mailbox the largest domestic users, advertised security, and now spread widely

According to Baidu Encyclopedia

information display: the NetEase’s total of 8 mailbox sub brands, including 163 free mail, 126 free mail, yeah free, 163VIP, 126VIP, 188 postal mail, mail and the wealth of professional enterprises free enterprise mail, as the number of users in December 2014 NetEase mailbox has exceeded 740 million, in the Chinese mail industry lead the market. According to the latest report shows that the third party companies, NetEase mailbox users the highest degree of activity, the number of monthly visits per capita first; in the most commonly used mailbox brand this indicator has also led the Chinese market for 10 consecutive years.

In addition,

security is also one of the advantages of NetEase mailbox has been advertised.

July 2012, NetEase officially became an official member of the fight against counterfeit mail weapon DMARC, but also China’s first to join the DMARC mail operators. Only in 2014 a year, the number of illegal NetEase mail intercepted by DMARC reached 290 million, an increase of more than 89 million in the year of 2013, a total of 69%. At the same time, NetEase mailbox is also the country’s top electricity supplier companies and online payment companies to provide technical support to combat phishing messages.

this year in August, China Information Security Evaluation Center in accordance with the highest standards of the national standard, in the NetEase mail for two years of strict

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