Way home network to complete the B round of financing two rounds of financing 400 million yuan

February 16th evening news, vacation rental booking platform way home network CEO Luo announced on micro-blog, the way home network has completed second rounds of financing, the investor is Ctrip, GGV, the speed of light, Homeaway, Ding Hui, blind and broadband capital. This means that the way home within a year has completed two rounds of 400 million yuan of financing.

way home network is the first high-end The Resort Apartments booking platform, formally launched in December 1, 2011, is a similar Airbnb and the United States HomeAway mode short holiday rental website. The way home was co founded by real letter co executive president, general manager of sina Locke Luo Jun and vacation rental platform company Escapia chief technology officer Melissa Yang.

, according to sources, the way home network has opened 65 cities and foreign countries in the city of 45, reserve listings up to 400 thousand units.

talked about the financing, Ctrip CEO Fan Min expressed confidence in the vacation rental industry and the prospects of the way home. Ctrip is an important investor in the way home network two rounds of financing, but also its strategic partner of business cooperation. Luo Jun also said that the way home will continue to develop more travel destinations, and further improve the online and offline user experience.

as a comparison, last October exposure documents show that short-term rental site Airbnb get $117 million C round of financing, valuation of $2 billion to $3 billion. Earlier this year, the site also received an investment of less than $1 million 600 thousand. So far, Airbnb financing total of more than $230 million.

has predicted that in 2012 the number of days Airbnb reservation for 12 million to 15 million, and this number will eventually increase to "", which means that Airbnb can generate $1 billion in revenue per year. The Luo Jun in an interview in 2011, said the way home is not considered profitable in the short term.

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