2008 personal webmaster where to go

time transient, fast forward to December, a few days to 2008, to write this post, only to do something for everyone, hope in this month to discuss why

!As everyone knows,

for 07 years, to build a harmonious society, the country on the Internet also increased efforts to prevent pornography and illegal speech, in a storm, a lot of several famous IDC forum to put up the shutters, also be affected.

to the end of 07, GG to a big adjustment, mainly by clicking on the regional restrictions in the title and URL, this move, the owners are calling the income greatly reduced. In fact, whether it is standing in the perspective of advertisers or GG, it is reasonable. Advertisers not to say, can effectively reduce the proportion of overdue, make better advertising effect. GG, only to protect the interests of customers in order to win greater development.

personally think that GG will be in the next price adjustments, because if this situation continues, many webmaster will remove their code. But in my opinion, the adjustment period is not in the short term, possibly after a period of time, and, even if the adjustment, estimated that many now than not good, than before, the same flow rate, the decrease of income is inevitable.

perhaps this is the so-called personal webmaster winter.

looks forward to 2008, how should we face? Where is the way out for personal Adsense?

my opinion is as follows:

1, the formation of the team, looking for a good profit model, to achieve the operation of the company. This year, especially in the field of IT Chinese, ideas have been worthless, once out of your work, soon someone and you may rush on like a swarm of hornets, the technology also may not be able to others. So, I think the key lies in the operation. Man alone, will only make the probability of success is greatly reduced. For example, Ma Huateng is involved in many aspects of the other side of the road, but often more successful than the pioneer, in addition to relying on his vast user base, and his team’s efforts are inseparable. Shi Yuzhu won the network game time is not late, but now they have been listed, he won in his marketing team.

as to what to find a team, this is not much to say. The principle of common language and complementarity.

in fact, the most important is in the profit model. Do we do portal but Sina search, but GG and Baidu do, do e-commerce, but do Alibaba, then do what? That everybody must see more thinking. I think we can consider more than offline development. Can money is the hard truth. Online business, services, it should be said that there is space, we rely on to find. The more road is online, the Internet and traditional business together, personally think it a little, will have a brilliant future. For a simple example, some time ago, a friend said to me

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