What are the areas of network MLM high risk places Whenever the pull the head nine out of ten suspec

text / Li Junhui

said a "pyramid", many people may smell "".

that is, before the media exposure of the MLM organizations restricted personal freedom, need to struggle to escape the "Den", let a person fear; and secondly it is the MLM organization leader, the backbone is always "high" work state, make people surprised.

in fact, whether the traditional or online MLM MLM, its biggest characteristic is to grasp is that everyone has "become rich," the psychology, set up a "pyramid" of the wealth distribution mechanisms and ways of attracting or development personnel involved.

days ago, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau news release, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other 9 provinces in the public security organs unified action, successfully destroyed and over more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide MLM gang. The gang in the search engine website "love search" as the carrier, to click on ads in the name, deceive the masses buy membership and pull the head. Do MLM, development downline members of more than 1.3 people, involving up to 300 million yuan.

it is worth noting that this is the first time the network MLM involved in the search, after the network marketing has been on e-commerce, love has added".

so, in the major Internet applications or in the field, which areas or models, will be more likely to be used by criminals to become a network marketing high-risk place it?

in order to figure out this problem, we need to understand the conditions of pyramid schemes or pyramid schemes. According to the State Council promulgated the "regulations prohibit pyramid schemes" provisions, the so-called "pyramid schemes, refers to the organizer or operator development personnel, through the development personnel directly or indirectly to the development personnel quantity or sales performance for the calculation and payment, or required by the developers to pay a fee as a condition to obtain eligibility for other ways to reap illegal behavior of interests".

specifically, according to the provisions of the "regulations prohibit pyramid schemes" in article seventh, the following three kinds of operating modes or methods of alleged pyramid scheme, namely the organizers or operators, to seek illegal interests for the purpose, through the development of staff, and staff development requirements are:

1, the development of other personnel to join, for the development of personnel directly or indirectly, the number of rolling development based on the calculation and payment of remuneration;

2, pay fees or in order to subscribe for goods in disguised form to pay fees, access to or join the development of other personnel to join the qualification;

3, the development of other personnel to join, the formation of the relationship between the upper and lower lines, and the following line sales performance as the basis for the calculation and payment of on-line compensation.

said, a differential mode or operating behavior is suspected of "pyramid schemes", see two points, first, the organizers or operators "members" behavior; second, members need to pay the cost and the income to the development (directly or indirectly) performance or the number of members is calculated on the basis of consumption.

then, back to the topic.

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