Pinterest model rise in the country or will set off an imitation boom

Pinterest to become the world’s fastest growing user site



2011 November Admin5 webmaster site has been reported and beat the network business team founded the petals network officially launched, the rise of Pinterest mode in china. Petals network is the following watercress after another "flap ban" domain name application, is an interest based photo sharing on social networking sites, the website provides users a simple collection tools to help users will love their pictures re organization and collection. The model draws on the well-known image sharing community Pinterest, located in the image of the information behind the record to record personal interests and hobbies. In February 8, 2012, there are news reports that Pinterest’s monthly independent user access has exceeded 10 million mark in just 9 months, the number of users has become the fastest growing website. Pinterest’s independent user access in 2012 to 11 million 700 thousand, compared to last year in December was only $7 million 500 thousand in the last year in January was only a mere 418 thousand of the total number of visits in May. Data show that Pinterest users monthly access time is 90 minutes, although greatly inferior to Facebook users a monthly average of 7 hours of access time, but the user growth rate has let the Silicon Valley and a variety of venture capital and competitors attention.

Pinterest is similar to a picture for the information dissemination of the carrier micro-blog, from the literal understanding of Pinterest mode, interest (Pin) and interest, that is, it is based on visual sharing of social networking sites. Pinterest users can find interesting pictures about design, products, news, and can also classify and share them with friends. Pinterest provides a platform for users to share pictures, users can get interested in pictures displayed on the web site to have common interests of users and potential users, through the way of looking for pictures to share and exchange information to meet the needs of the. Pinterest called: Social Commerce, the so-called social commerce or community e-commerce.

can be said that the current Pinterest has become the most popular Internet emerging pattern after Facebook, twitter, Groupon. The reason why Pinterest users in the establishment of more than 2 years by leaps and bounds, the success comes from the clever use of visual sharing pattern mining influence between the user and the user relationships, users will be linked together through the construction of interest, interest spectrum combination of e-commerce and other areas of the mining of the variety of opportunities exist. Micro-blog hot today, Pinterest mode is in a picture >

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