The news to promote the acquisition of Nora xiangeqing the former has been suspended since 23 days

read: our innocence can not afford to pay 260 million yuan xiangeqing to offer? Nora 260 million yuan ticket shall be within 15 days to pay all rejected arguments for why the frequency of copyright Sohu stick to launch an attack on Nora, today’s headlines? Nora 260 million tickets officially opened overdue payment of about $7 million 800 thousand per day Nora responded to the ticket price of 260 million: refused to prosecute


said xiangeqing to promote the acquisition of Nora in 23, the former has suspended

[TechWeb] June 27th news reports recently, the Shenzhen municipal Market Authority formally Nora company to serve "book" administrative punishment decision, to revoke its value-added telecommunications business license, and impose a fine of 260 million yuan. And then the news leaked that the suspension of A shares of the company is planning to acquire Nora company. The multi-party confirmation by TechWeb, this company is very likely by catering company into technology companies xiangeqing company. It is understood that xiangeqing has been suspended in 23, and announced that the progress of "positive efforts to promote the related matters".

according to other media reports, the company is in contact with the xiangeqing Nora company, collogue wholly owned acquisition of the latter, has been basically settled. Moreover, the acquisition xiangeqing parties to come forward by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, after the completion of the acquisition will also broadcast into both to the laboratory network of new media to build under the flag. On the issue of the acquisition, xiangeqing company also did not deny it.

according to public information, in May this year, xiangeqing with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing technology signed a "cooperation agreement" joint laboratory network of new media and big data, agreed to jointly establish a joint network of new media and big data laboratory". In the new media business, xiangeqing had been on the acquisition of CTV wonderful, flute female television companies. At the same time, xiangeqing launched a $3 billion 600 million financing plan, mainly for investment in new Internet media market.

Nora has suffered huge fines in the face An important juncture of life and death of the moment, xiangeqing will save our acquisitions or from the mire. The xiangeqing acquisition Nora can get video technology support, to enter the field of new media technologies. And all of this conclusion, it is necessary to disclose all of the acquisition plan, TechWeb will also remain concerned about the matter. (An Dong)

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