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Internet Ecosystem model represents the future: Dream On and All In

Hello! Last year, the first time I was invited in the public lecture, introduced music as ecological globalization, we are committed to break through the haze, change a hundred years auto industry dream with you. Today, I want to talk about the reality and the future with you.


the topic of my speech is: Internet Ecosystem model represents the future, Dream On and All In

in the last month, as the music was set up on the occasion of the 12 anniversary, I issued a full letter in the music as a whole. The deep reflection of the first stage of the rapid development of the company’s ecological strategy to create a miracle behind some of the problems, while declaring the rhythm of ecological strategy into a new stage. I did not think this letter had caused a great disturbance. Over the past month, as the music intensive occupy the headlines of major media.

1 music storm behind: the collision of two kinds of thinking

you can see all kinds of articles about LeEco these days: "Ponzi scheme", "Delong" and "on the verge of bankruptcy, and even moved far a state of the US Treasury Secretary, mr……. A variety of sensational label on LeEco. All of this may be especially thanks to some of the people behind the plan – because it is often said that the podium is not your friend, but your opponent.

recently behind more wanton extension, trying to non-listed company LeEco the storm passed to the listed company LETV body. In December 6th, a plan orchestrated by the day the stock trading abnormal let down, trying to disrupt the major issues in our planning. LETV has applied for suspension and verification of reason, our industrial resources integration issues also continue to proceed smoothly.

I’m here to send them a sentence: more and more tough battle, see black. What’s more, the music behind them over the years firmly follow our investors; understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation, hard music mode of trust and support of many entrepreneurs seeking transformation and innovation; of course there are tens of thousands of users and fans.

last month investors exchange meeting, the first to stand up and ask the shareholders said to me that they want to cast their shares in A BAT. He was worried, as the music will change strategy.

I know that the music as the bearer of a lot of long-term value investors look forward to. From the very beginning, it is a company that is deeply rooted in the local market and local investors. Over the past few years, the PC era dividend flow has been exhausted, the mobile internet ticket has been carved up and BAT, enjoy this gluttonous feast, mostly overseas venture capital and investors. Since then, the Internet industry increasingly towards monopoly.

in this environment, le

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