Jingdong mall suspected to pick up a Tao Tao Amoy Amoy cheap tools



a Amoy announcement

sina science and technology news on August 27th morning news, a scouring network today announced that Jingdong mall in the site to join the code led to its parity tool can not be used in Amoy Jingdong mall. In the industry view, this seems to be the mall in Jingdong after the price of a scouring to take defensive measures.


technology to iPad 2 and Lenovo U310 were found after the test, at present in dangdang.com, wishful Amoy Shop No. 1 and suning.com still can be used normally, the comparison results cannot be displayed in the Jingdong store page. One Amoy, said Jingdong mall on the morning of August 24th to join the site for the Amoy Amoy code, which led to the user can not use the amoy. Currently, a Amoy is being repaired the service".

Jingdong mall after the price war in this move seems reasonable. Price war, the price of a Amoy released reports are not conducive to Jingdong mall, so Jingdong shield wishful Amoy more like a defensive measure.

In addition, at the end of last year, Jingdong mall on because of a grab grab product evaluation data disputes. Amoy finally announced a halt to grab Jingdong evaluation data. However, according to media reports, Liu Qiangdong had said, what parity shopping sites can grab the goods Jingdong information, but can not grab the product evaluation Jingdong". (Li Yun)

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