January CN domain name registration up to 11 million 770 thousand within 31 days up to 680 thousand

renamed China (eName.cn) February 28th news, recently, CNNIC announced the CN domain statistics of China in January, the total number of CN domain name registration has reached 11768460. Compared to last month’s 11089231 registration, more than 679229, showing an upward trend.



: CN domain data statistics chart

as shown in figure.CN, domain name registration is the highest proportion, registered a total of 9338864, accounting for 79.4% of the proportion of the overall chart; although.COM.CN domain name registration in the proportion ranked second, but accounted for only 12.2% of the proportion of registration, registered a total of 1432010, and the.CN domain name registration number vary greatly.

addition, the adm.cn domain name registration for 629146, accounting for the proportion of the registered 5.3%; the minimum amount of registration is mil.cn and edu.cn, both and less than 6000.

other CN suffix domain name in addition to net.cn accounted for 1.4% of the proportion of the remaining less than 1%, org.cn accounted for the proportion of registered; gov.cn and ac.cn accounted for the proportion of registered capital of 0.5%.

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