A good home for 50 million yuan A round of financing capital lead investor day

July 12th news, a good ranking announced the acquisition of 50 million yuan A round of financing, valuation of 330 million yuan. This round of financing by day capital lead investor, Leo shares related with investment funds. A good ranking of CEO Yinjiankun said that this round of financing funds will be used to expand the layout of overseas listing of overseas companies, the main business is concentrated in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, five countries, has now entered the country 236 city.

As of

the financing, Yin Jiankun said a good start in the rental business is still in the overseas revenue, accounting for 60% of revenue, housing transactions accounted for 30%, and 10% from overseas developers, intermediary broker advertising and value-added services, but the sale of housing and advertising business is not fully commercial. Since November 2015, the cumulative revenue of a good ranking will be more than 300 million yuan.

It is worth noting that

, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than a good ranking from 3 months ago to 10% to 60%, this also confirms Yin Jiankun once believed that "future study group of more than 90% will use mobile terminal service". In addition to the product line has more than 1 million rental listings, the sale of more than 150 thousand sets of listings.

at present, a good home has more than 300 thousand registered users, Yinjiankun revealed nearly 4000 single singular lease transactions, but because the trading business in November last year, just on the line, the current price is not revealed yet.

either before studying market language training, application, financial and real estate market is still a good ranking, most need to do is to sign more high-quality businesses. For example, in September last year, a good home and New Oriental established strategic cooperation (CEO Yinjiankun was a New Oriental executives), and also the major education and language training institutions have established cooperation.

has said it will Yinjiankun on-line students credit related services, he also revealed that the company is trying to set up a professional team to do this at the end of this year will start, and the "great space to study financial".

and a good ranking similar reporter has reported at home and abroad real estate O2O platform "for the United States," information integration platform "in music", specializes in new housing sales "US Australia ranks", are also Soufangwang, home chain, small giant layout in this market, a how good in the home market occupy a space for one person is worth looking at overseas.