Baidu search engine features

Baidu search engine features    

1.  word combination based information processing. To solve the problem of understanding Chinese information skillfully, greatly improve the accuracy of search and recall.    

2.  support mainstream Chinese coding standard. Including GBK (Chinese characters, internal code specification) GB2312 (Simplified), BIG5 (traditional), and can switch between encoding.  

3.  intelligent correlation algorithm. The correlation evaluation based on the content and hyperlink analysis method is adopted to analyze the information contained in the web page, so as to ensure the relevance of search results.  

4.  the search results can be labeled "property rich (such as title, URL, time, size, encoding, etc., and highlight the abstract) user query string, convenient for the user to determine whether the reading of the text.  

5.  Baidu search support two searches (also known as progressive retrieval or retrieval approach). You can continue to search in the last search results, gradually narrow the search range, until the smallest and most accurate result set. It is more convenient for users to find what they are really interested in.  

6.  intelligent recommendation technology of relevant search words. After the first search, the user will be prompted to search the relevant words, to help users find more relevant results, statistics show that can promote the retrieval of 10-20%.  

7.  the use of multi threading technology, efficient search algorithm, a stable UNIX platform, and the localization of the server, to ensure the fastest response speed. Baidu search engine to provide search services in the territory of Chinese, can greatly shorten the response time of retrieval (a retrieval of the average response time is less than 0.5 seconds)  

8.  can provide a week, two weeks and four weeks and other services. Can be completed within 7 days of the update page, is currently the fastest update, the largest amount of data Chinese search engine.  

9.  search results output support content classification, site classification, content type + website in a variety of ways. Support users to choose the time range, improve the efficiency of user retrieval.  

10.  intelligent, scalable search technology to ensure the fastest collection of Internet information. Has the world’s largest Chinese information database, to provide users with the most accurate, the most extensive and most timely information provides a solid foundation.  

11.  distributed structure, well-designed optimization algorithms, >

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