The number of public float titles WeChat fans

After WeChat

titles, we are most worried about is that we reduce the amount of the number of fans, some people may even letter a week, but his fans will not decrease but increase the corresponding will. What is the reason? But is worthy of recognition, we only see my title, cancel the concern is a lot of fans.

said fans before the cancellation of the amount of attention, we must understand is why our fans will cancel attention.

first: content is not updated

first of all, let me take a look at how many of our fans have been reduced by one week, one of which is


we can see that this number of fans concerned about the amount of cancellation is quite large, we found that in addition to the first day of the week, the rest of the six days are negative growth. Although we have tens of thousands of new fans every day, but every day and hundreds of fans to cancel our attention is not entirely proportional to the amount of.

the reason why there are so many people to cancel the amount of attention, I think the main reason is that our content is not updated, we imagine that if a number of your attention, it is every day in the update, but suddenly he stopped updating the content, so what do you think? If we closed one or two days is OK, but we closed for so long, we used the day to see the updated content, so that you don’t update, so I’ll have to cancel the attention. I saw you this number is no longer updated content, this is mainly for our fans in general.


, we imagine, if we say that our fans are loyal fans, so we will appear in this situation? I think it not, since they are our loyal fans, so he is very love for you, since he has been in love with you this the platform, even if you are being closed for a month, then they will patiently waiting for you to come back, of course, a permanent seal that is no way out.

said the content, not only in the usual content update we achieve high amount of reading and the growth of our fans, which have a role, that is when we can see the effect of the title, the best effect is of course we never want to see, after all, the title is not what we want to see the results. As long as our content are good enough, then we can hold our fans, we love this number, well now we all love 90,00 on the QQ, if one day you don’t let them play QQ, this is unlikely, unless you can find a replacement for QQ products.

second: all functions can not be used

we will find that many of the large is done a custom menu and a variety of replies. Once our number is sealed, then all of us

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