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mouse is very depressed, the company had recruited me. Is the site planning, but now responsible for this piece of only two people, I am a person, one is technical, but things very much, came from company now 6 months (four months probation period, and this four months to 600 yuan per month living allowance, not wages), then want to call more because I just graduated, to ensure the monthly living expenses, see this post with a prospect of it (at the time the boss says to this project done), so to do, come in a total of three sites, planning, one is to do a tax SMS website, is a talent website (, there is a family business (I don’t want to do this now, is the supply and demand information, really, do this type of , there is no need for suppliers to do business is not enough, the investment is also large, there is a university through the site (this site is for the school’s internal, we can not say that there is no way to access, ha ha). Do it now called a "school messenger, is not yet fully ready, there is the project business plan let me write, like cooperation units and business planning book, even two times to submit to China Mobile and China Unicom China SMS business application business planning let me write this time really tired, and I have so many things, but I still have to adhere to, have to do, because I got the salary of 1000 yuan. But last week the meeting completely disappointed me, because the project manager does not want to online marketing investment funds (no line, are relying on some free promotion methods I), I have submitted a marketing planning the next three line to him, but the amount of time needed to invest more than 3000 yuan of funds. Then from the side that is invested too much, to the project manager to deny this, third is below this scheme, this scheme I feel really don’t need a lot of money, but the effect may be relatively good, but the program is not through. Three meeting when the exchange said us out of the name card, printed above is the introduction of the site, there is some A4 to print their own advertising single out stick, I think that no one, no effect. So, that I can do, I have a printer, you can print a lot of hula, they go on. AI, don’t say it. That’s all。 When it comes to these. The following third plans to send out, we help to see if there is a suitable, or give advice. (yes, a little bit of experience, so plan on the last)

yes, and then there is a few months to say that I promote the method may be useful to everyone:

1 to write a blog, in the major blog to write, to be hot, it is easy to manage your push to the home page, I was recommended today to the ancient city hotline home. You can see. Http:// (Title: most authoritative body >

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