Discussion on the methods of website promotion and management

in twenty-first Century, using a website to make money is a kind of trend, but the real understanding of the site is not how to make money, it is said that through the website of thousand people accounted for 1% of all Chinese website, through the website to have a steady income, there are about 20% to 30% can maintain the family’s life, website income but not too much can not rely on the website of the income to maintain the life of the people accounted for 50% of the number of sites to about 60%, that is to say, most of the websites can be long or through business website to earn money, only profits problems, through the following tutorial and commentary, we will teach you how to operate a web site.

one. The main factors of the success or failure of the website:

website traffic, website content innovation, website content attraction, website content quality, website stability, Adsense propaganda method, Adsense management method.

below we explain these factors:

1 site traffic:


website development of any money project must have a certain flow, it can be said that the real traffic and your income is generally proportional to, for example: we open a website like opening a store in a place like this shop door website traffic flow, website just like the advertisement on the shop signs, the shop in front of many people have done it, then your shop signs are advertising value, many businesses are willing to pay a high price to rent your shop signs on to say their advertising, web site is the same, many people on your website, there are many advertisers advertising to pay high prices for your website to hang on their website or product advertising, and websites and stores, is to make money through the sale of goods, the reason is As more people on your website to see your products if you sell the commodity rate is also higher, sell goods are more and more, so that you develop your website traffic, is to make money, as for how to develop the flow, then we will say.

2 website content innovation:

this is a new website to do, try to reduce competition, no other website to put more content on your website, the best you can create a new type of website, like, no previous site navigation or forum website and so on, then someone do site navigation and forum the class website, first do website categories generally will be easier to develop, but the need to have a lot of experience to do, recommend that you first learn to easily build a website, then the cumulative business website for a period of time to experience your website into an innovative website, as we the sites like www.1234110.com, although there are a lot of Web site navigation, but we through these years of operation experience in website has produced a lot of new features is no other web site navigation Some, on the basis of the site with a new feature is also a kind of innovation, because the general new website

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