nside the new media integrated marketing Tesla nine key points

with the Internet and the development of mobile Internet, the traditional enterprise to reduce traditional media advertising, new media marketing shift, the father of modern marketing marketing Kotler pointed out that in the new media era, enterprises in the future will turn to new media marketing, Tesla electric cars become a dazzling star in the future, it is to rely on Internet new media fully integrated marketing, where Wang Chong associated with the New Media Marketing Institute Yang Tao revealed nine key points for everyone.


first, the Internet thinking to do product

Tesla’s genetic blood flowing in Silicon Valley, it is the core of the Internet thinking, Tesla successfully subvert traditional car, creating a high degree of market acceptance of electric vehicles, Tesla is out of the ordinary, the idea of introducing the Internet into car production, with the idea of a new car to do, this is Tesla subversion brought innovative thinking, there is no engine, but has more than Ferrari’s speed, without refueling, a single charge can travel up to 502 kilometers, on the surface is a Tesla Battery + four wheels + a computer, but you know Tesla actually experienced is the ultimate user experience as the center, such as Apple hardware and software to achieve seamless, exceed user expectations and create the ultimate driving experience.

two, offline experience online distribution O2O mode

Tesla adhere to online distribution model, line direct store cultivate consumers, enhance the user experience, and then through the online direct greatly simplifies the buying process, the automobile consumption into standardized menus and personalized combination stage, Tesla’s survey found that at least 80% of the customers have more love to buy network marketing. Because direct allows users to directly face the enterprise, made their demand, Tesla is no dealer network, all the cars are sent directly from the factory to the hands of the guests, instead, Tesla in the national each big city has set up a small area of the exhibition hall, Tesla Motors first step is to purchase online booking, online. The exhibition hall of experience and feelings, which will improve the user experience to the extreme can also reduce the cost of intermediate.

three, Founder brand

founder Mask Tesla was a genius, he created the world’s largest companies "online payment service PayPal (PayPal)", the most successful luxury electric car company Tesla Motors and the world’s first private space transportation enterprise space exploration technology company (SpaceX), can be said to be the three major products affect the development of the world, with the founder of the brand to promote the company and brand promotion, Mask in the Chinese access when open the individual micro-blog account, the use of domestic marketing the hottest social media in China, there are many CEO open their own micro-blog marketing.

four, star effect

to buy Tesla cars are all stars, entertainment stars, science and technology stars, business stars

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