Website promotion can not be used in five ways

is now home to the site has long exceeded the three million mark, so naturally, the diversion of a considerable amount of traffic, network optimization promotion is more important. Conventional methods tend to be slow, so many people are looking for some alternative, easy to produce results of the practice. But some crooked ways still best not to do, otherwise I regret.

first: mass information

want to launch the website, so naturally to let more people know your site, so we must publish information, to impress others. But obviously this method is abused, many owners in order to save, began to use some software tools for large group, and even a lot of scraper, but it is useful. What is the difference between the small ads on the poles and those on the ground?. And this is not to say that the method is always available, the forum is also constantly upgrading the site, shielding these methods.

second: SEO cheat

engine is a major source of traffic, especially for a new station, a good relationship is necessary. But some people in order to do a better job ranking, at the same time the use of black hat approach, a short period of time can greatly enhance the weight of the site, but for a long time to come. Once found, the consequences needless to say, included Mody, ranking Mody, how can that do?.

third: spam

is now the site for the registered members of the forum, in fact, will regularly send some information, including website content updates, etc., this is understandable, but also very normal. But now the mass mailing tools, it is mandatory to send some spam, no matter how mass. Moreover, the mailbox spam filtering function is much stronger than the original, so it really will have effect.

fourth: pop-up ad

many owners are very interested in this, after all, the benefits are great, but this really useful. Flying everywhere pop ads will only allow users to resent this abnormal website. It will be difficult to generate repeat customers, and many people will not look at the content, directly off. From the website of the degree of tolerance, within a short time window will cause some pressure on the server.

fifth: Rogue Software

, for example, forced to set the home page, embedded rogue ads, advertising information left in the computer. A bit like a Trojan, although it is only used for advertising, but users will be more offensive, not to mention a lot of anti-virus software are now strengthened in this regard. From a certain point of view, this is also a violation of the law, the user is the first, and always remember this. Try to promote users in a friendly way.

source Wuhan Fubao network reproduced please keep

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