The revelation of 989 dead companies the average survival time of less than 32 months

introduction: as of December 31, 2015, IT company Orange curry a total of 989 companies in the "off" state, accounted for 4.5% of the total.

venture capital, entrepreneurial fire, is a fact that we can generally feel in recent years, especially in large cities, does not seem to talk about entrepreneurship, the Internet thing, as if there is no sense of the same. With this entrepreneurial boom, IT orange 2015 China Internet business model inventory share this part of you. We will from the company’s growth trend, the region, the development stage, the distribution of the industry and the company closed down from the point of view, a simple analysis of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in 2015, hoping to give you some warning and learn from.

generally speaking, we always hold such a view: Entrepreneurship this thing, really not so simple.

we have several sets of figures: as of December 31, 2015, the orange IT database collected 22033 domestic companies, compared to 2014 2015, we collected 8577 new storage companies, among them, 2971 homes for the newly established in 2015, accounted for 34.6% of the total new storage.

below we put the sample data of these 22033 companies, briefly share with you

first, in terms of years, entrepreneurial heat is indeed rising year by year

IT orange database included in the company’s data show that the company can be seen from the establishment of the year, nearly five years of entrepreneurial wave continued to rise. The number of newly established companies increased almost a year to rise, from 500 Quarter 2010 to around the development of about 800, and then from the level of more than 1 thousand to more than 1 thousand and 300. Although we look at the absolute number and reality there will be a big gap, but from the trend of our data reflect the view, entrepreneurship is indeed beginning to become active over time.


but, careful, we will find that this trend does not seem to last much longer, of course, this is likely to also have a great relationship with the breadth of the data we collected. According to our past experience, when the data is not included in the final results, for example, in 2014 we take time to see when the data was collected only 2566, and this year, in retrospect, this figure has become 5778. However, from the 2015 Q1 data, there seems to be signs of. We take this as evidence, look at this time next year, this conjecture is confirmed or falsified.

secondly, geographically, North Canton is still TOP 3

companies with regional distribution of our previous inventory wide north area there is not a fraction of difference, a total of 15722 companies included US included, the overall proportion reached 7>

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