Grasp the psychology of the user to make the effect of the construction of a better marketing websit

herd mentality is the normal psychology of everyone, in the normal business activities, herd mentality is the most important. The year before last and last year, electric paper books in the market selling, is the use of herd mentality to implement the successful marketing planning case. But in fact, an e-book reader can only use a notebook, MP4, electronic dictionaries and mobile phones, etc.. And at that time, more powerful than e-books, such as iPad mobile handheld terminals have been available, the paper is only a very loose version of the iPad or laptop only. Of course, this is not to say that the paper is Nothing is right. throughout the product, marketing and planning, electronic paper book brand leader Hanvon has been well versed in marketing channel, the success of the grasp of the herd mentality of the people. The needless to say, from the year Hanvon invested in the Central People’s radio advertising you can know.

as a useful tool for marketing, marketing type website construction need to make good use of the user’s conformity psychology. For example, we often see the success stories on the site, partners, easy qualification and other columns, there is such a purpose. In the construction of the site, if you can master the user’s herd mentality, the site’s marketing advantage can be more perfect play. Shanghai website production preferred brand pilot technology that from the web page design to the website function module settings, the content from the site maintenance update to the reasonable application of marketing price, all need a good grasp of user psychology.

The application of

conformity psychology in website art design

website art design has never been a casual thing, we should know that for the enterprise website, the vast majority of Web site features and columns are very similar. That is to say, the site is different from the web site design. Design and exquisite professional good to hear or see, one can effectively improve the user experience, second can also be helpful for marketing and user needs to put the contents of the striking position, prompting the user to produce conformity. In the website home page design, the general company will speak their own success stories, and more well-known partners placed in a prominent position. The author of the network company has a customer, the requirements of the qualification certificate will be placed on the site’s home page, in fact, is a good move to make good use of herd mentality.

Application of

conformity psychology in website function module

although the vast majority of enterprise website column settings, but specific to different industries, different companies, or different. Trading companies, for example, are generally more likely to focus on products and licensing. The decoration design company, it is easier to highlight their ability to design and operational experience, of course, the case is always the main site of such companies website. Because users see this site want to, since they have such information, and so many big brands have chosen this company, I have to worry about what? In the website columns, the customer can make good use of herd mentality and there are many, for example, some display module implanted inside users on the website products >

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