Website construction and website promotion GG ranking and SEO

      now a lot of people are not very clear website promotion and website construction what is the difference, the same is in the promotion of their own company.

      website construction tongsudeshuo is website, is your company, products made the website display for everyone to see. Website promotion is to let people who do not know your web site to know your site, know your company, know your product.

      so what is the difference between Google and SEO?

      Google is the world’s largest search engine, Baidu, YAHOO, Google and the principle of Sohu and other search engines is the same, the mechanism and algorithm and similar Google. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine  Optimization, translated into search engine optimization, also called website optimization or natural ranking. SEO as a career, 98 years in the United States officially began to form, the country began to formally formed in 2004. SEO is sometimes referred to as Search Engine Optimizer, search engine optimization division. SEO’s main task is to study the Google rankings, a site for Google optimization, Baidu, YAHOO, Sohu and other search engines will usually be ranked in front.

      a site to do well, if no one knows his presence, then the site is no longer good to do ah! Because no one came to visit your site! Naturally there will be no potential customers to find you! Now more and more emphasis on enterprise website promotion, especially Google promotion. Because the Google promotion, Baidu, YAHOO, Sohu and other search engines will correspondingly be ranked up, can shoot two hawks with one arrow! So many companies choose to do Google website promotion.

      ranking results are SEO after the results. But this is a natural ranking. Search engine marketing is divided into two kinds, one is the natural ranking, that is, SEO, the other is the competitive ranking. The so-called competitive rankings, for example, for the site construction in the word, who is the most money, who is ranked in the front. Natural ranking with the bidding rankings, the two do not affect each other, but the effect is far higher than the natural ranking ranking. This is also the reason why many companies choose SEO.

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