The decline of community products but demonstrated its strong vitality

QQ and in the update, keep pace with the times, even a lot of copycat technology is The students surpass the teacher. master.

The concept of

DZ products, has been placed in limbo, will follow the example of PW. Since 3, the product function does not see updates, each upgrade is limited to the safety of tinkering. Since the upgrade, full of hidden water stickers, landing safety reminders, Xiaoheiwu "fancy stuff like this. I had to prove the idea: "two horses" acquisition of DZ and PW is not in order to develop products, but for a common goal: to eliminate local competitors!!

based on this strategy, to seize the mobile Internet in the big cake of fierce battle, to the official DZ development of mobile community products impossible. Webmasters do not want to wait for what QQ group, WeChat docking. I do not see, after the acquisition of PW Ma directly cut it to cut the hands of the stump, and the triad to fight opponents exactly the same. PW has completely died, permanently withdrawn from the historical stage.

and DZ’s new owner Tencent slightly better, not like Ma Yun naked shameless. However, since the acquisition, the development of a significant slowdown, there is no creativity, limited to the repair of security vulnerabilities. Since 3, the official made it clear that the new version will not update the function. Many webmaster good and constructive suggestions, was shelved. Not long ago, Dai Zhikang had to leave, that is destined to have the result.

Song Jiang to surrender the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhang Xiu to Cao Cao, the outcome is similar.

so, the great leader Chairman Mao taught us: do it yourself, have ample food and clothing. History has proved that: the tragedy of the domestic owners, from the big fish eat small fish acquisition began, relying on others to start the platform. No idea, no power, no tree for you free of permanent shelter.

Where is the vitality of the

community products, "two horses" why spend money to buy DZ and PW, and they secretly killed


the answer is obvious. Community products because of its interaction, easy to use and in place or in the social field has caused an unprecedented threat A new force suddenly rises., e-commerce and social software for nationwide.

fragmentation of the mobile Internet, it seems to have been the focus of the collapse of the forum mode. In fact, this is only an illusion. Why? Because the community product is acquired after pressure, has no past ideas, no functional improvements, still remain in the 10 years ago, the pattern, the younger generation of users only have QQ group, has a variety of client, do not know what the forum has. Can responsibly say that now the community products has been far better than Baidu Post Bar function! This is serious lag!! "two horse" like.


, community products can not be acquired, stick to the bottom line, even if it is to charge users, strengthen the construction of the mobile client, is enough to keep half of the country. Your QQ again niubable, every day into a refund people is a minority (have this group of people do.

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