WeChat public account operators Durex or The climate does not suit one rejoice


see him from Zhu Lou, see him feast guests, see his building collapsed.

almost WeChat public platform every month can have some similar aphrodisiac general case, let the weakening operator of public accounts and a masculine 12 seconds. Every time I see a similar rhetorical case, are anxious to immediately burst the balloon, to restore the real WeChat public account now and ever. This paper lists a few before the media and the official WeChat touted star case, from the current situation of these martyrs frustrated enterprise WeChat public account operation predicament.

Durex: Peiliao marketing

is the virtual mass




micro-blog trader Jin Pengyuan.

chatting marketing. Chat with the user, so that the brand in the subtle shape in the minds of users. WeChat public platform development soon, it was proposed such an idea. Personally think that this can not be a climate. Limited energy, unlimited users, online limited, unlimited users. To deal with infinite, this is a failure. If the 10W fans, how much do chatting? Reply there? And WeChat high level of privacy, chat users completely rely on users to maintain quality. Micro-blog has been circulating that Durex has 8 people chatting group said. Actually, it’s just a legend.


is trying to arrange a return to the user consultation in a certain period of time. But the attempt was later abandoned. Perhaps the most important reason is that the user base is large, the human cost is too high, the relationship between consulting content.


In fact, Durex

has also done a lot to try. There is a complete UGC mode. Reply to Jiangxi, Henan and other provinces to try the words. Durex guide to encourage users to use the dialect to say "good morning" "get up early" good morning greetings. Is it cool? 12 years, see Durex do this thing. Durex seems to think and make fun of micro-blog to WeChat to play harder. Listen, this is my hometown. Well, Tibet said "good morning" is so?.


did not ask the old king, personally think that this model should have the following questions. 1 a vast territory, too many dialects. 2, according to the provincial dialect, too limited. 3, the lack of enough enthusiastic users. 4, difficult to identify; 5, it is difficult to standardize the recording of unity. 6, the classification of statistical message costs too high. I could have seen the manuscript, reply.

of Durex

maintains 2 columns. [small] [a week Doudou classroom questions]. The only interesting is [a week] FAQ column. This is a fake U>

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