Behind the battle on cross border electricity supplier baotuan


in the development of the Internet to maturity, more and more business transformation began to actively seek industry mode, towards the direction of diversification, the largest electricity supplier group Alibaba in cooperation with China Vanke, some Internet business more and more companies began to form up trend, the recent Baidu and Wanda Tencent as well as a strategic cooperation, announced the establishment of their own electricity supplier market investment is 5 billion, the smoke of the electricity market "gunpowder" more concentrated, thus, sharp transformation in the Internet market era, the cross-border integration of the electricity supplier will make the electricity market more competitive.

market trends driving force

business after several years of development, has a simple online shopping from the Internet era towards the Internet industry in the direction of development, more and more industry into the Internet business, the size of the market led to the electricity supplier market tends to saturation, the Internet industry more and more towards the refinement and subdivision of market development, the has become an important trend in the development of the electricity supplier and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in 2013 Chinese e-commerce market size of 9 trillion and 900 billion yuan, an increase of 21.3%, growth is expected to slow in 2014 after the next few years, 2017 e-commerce market will reach 21 trillion and 600 billion yuan. Visible, although the domestic electricity supplier market slowdown, but e-commerce is still the development of enterprises, big cake, an increasing number of Internet providers compete for food.

electricity supplier cross-border integration of the essence of

After the

development is restricted in a single area, electricity began to actively carry out cross-border cooperation, to achieve the double transformation of Internet business and traditional business through this cooperation, the essence of cross-border electricity supplier Baotuan is the market adaptability and enhance their market competitiveness, more and more commercial food cake, only this kind of combination, can occupy the market more big cake, so we also see that the strategic cooperation with Wanda Tencent, Baidu is an open challenge for Taobao business status, cross-border integration of electricity supplier also opened the prelude to the battle of the electricity market, electricity providers between blocking development will become an important trend, under the a business development trend so the electricity supplier integration gimmick is a thrilling power in electricity market Battle for.

Efficient use of

market resources

if the cross-border electricity supplier Baotuan opened the entire electricity supplier market battle for the door, then, effective integration of market resources will be the core of the battle field, more and more electricity began to integrate the use of various marketing resources, a new mode of integration of Taobao and China Vanke will build online real estate marketing, Tencent, and Baidu and Wanda ho throw is designed to create a new generation of the mode of real estate business, these resources are used in marketing around the user experience as the center of the O2O model. Through the integration of online and offline resources will be based on the entire marketing field to create a user based marketing pattern, at the same time, with the Internet

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