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I do not know since when, marketing circles began to have such a argument: fans who have the world. So, whether it is a party to raise demand, or Party B strategy, want to make a goal: to train a group of loyal fans.

an obvious benchmark – millet. The official data show that in 2014 Rice noodles Festival, which lasted 12 hours, the official website of millet received a total of 2 million 260 thousand orders, 1 million 300 thousand mobile phone sold more than 1 billion 500 million yuan in sales, accessories sales of over 100 million yuan, the day of delivery 200 thousand orders, a total of 15 million people participated in Rice noodles festival.

indeed, only this data, you will have to admit that a hardware vendor, 4 years, because the fans marketing, creating a market value of billions of myths.

this is a benchmark effect. Now whether it is hardware vendors, or software vendors, want to copy millet fans marketing road. Unfortunately, however, there are few winners.

L classmate is a college student, in a smart hardware startups responsible for the market. When he started his business, he was full of confidence. He said, millet can be blown up in the intelligent machine, we can also blow up the air in the wearable.

millet fans the first step in marketing is to train 100 super fans. L students in the Li Wanqiang school, all over the world global forum, looking for experienced users, few people registered hundreds of accounts, irrigation water ad every day in some well-known intelligent hardware forum, by the title after another number to fill. Because of their wearable device is relatively new, within a month, it pulled thousands of primary users. Then, through a step by step screening, screening out 1000 more recognized products, the establishment of the group of two. Then, through testing and sample screening, they selected 100 loyal users to build a primary group. These 100 people, that is, L students say super user, that is, fans.

actually, when I saw the L students came to this step, I was very shocked, because I did not think Li Wanqiang said this road is real and can be copied.

later, L students began to organize these 100 fans line party, online discussion, participate in product design, research and development, feedback, etc.. The L students also began to guide these people will spread out his products, the formation of word of mouth radiation.

but, go to this step, L students unexpected problems. These 100 super users really have a lot of love and loyalty to the product, but also willing to introduce to the friends around. However, when the product reaches the two level radiation circle, it’s acceptance and love is not very good, to the three, four radiation circle, his product reputation has been very weak. Obviously, it’s the word of mouth effect is in decline, rather than the same as MIUI multiplication in geometry.

last week, L classmates asked me to discuss this issue. I direct >

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