Masateru some views on network promotion

network promotion is now a permanent topic webmaster, whether it is new or old station need to do promotion. But the real good is also very few. Like a lot of experts, can be regarded as a real network push expert. They are experienced, and those experiences are accumulated in the attempt to fail many times.

also heard many of their speech on the promotion of the topic, they generally say that roughly: SEO, soft, interactive, Baidu know, Post Bar forum, 360, Sogou quiz quiz, ask, YAHOO answers, manual build blog, classified information website, website promotion, help each other with their own resources, large website promotions advertising etc.. We can use these, but we can do only a few projects. The last thing to really stick to is less and less. I personally feel that network promotion and communication is the most important.

said the promotion business red station, you can also say that this is what I do for myself ad website, but I pay more attention to the exchange, although I am not what promotion experts, nor what experts do not have much experience, I’m just taking easy net webmaster, a small webmaster can exchange. I did not do the site SEO, did not pay to promote, I do not pay attention to that, do SEO and pay for the effect of course is very large, I do not deny that. My station is mainly rely on soft Wen and the exchange of friends and do. Are also a little experience on their own accumulation.

first, I establish some blog, use some well-known blog:, Sina blog, blog, blog, Sohu Chinese, NetEase, QZONE, blog network blog, Baidu space, the release of some pure advertising and soft on his website at the top, the effect is very good. For the site also brings a lot of traffic, but also to bring me a lot of customers. The second is the number of navigation station, standing above a selected submit your website, see the website that I would go to submit. There are some questions and answers, such as Baidu know, answer some questions, bring their own site, or to guide him to search our website.

is to go to a number of forums to release the soft Wen, this is what I do as a focus, I have two editors, as well as the release of the article two. Every day uninterrupted posted on the Internet, at that time every day a person needs to release 100 sites, a lot of work, make it difficult to accept, for a period of time, people began to impetuous, is like a mechanical operation, this is just to maintain the release of left and right for a month. Bring a lot of traffic for the site, the transaction has also increased the number of tasks. In the release of the article, IP has also been a number of sites have been sealed, soft Wen is not everyone will like, how much back with a little exaggeration, the quality of the article is also good and bad. I have written articles have been recognized, but also be said to be garbage. But we didn’t give up because of it.

on the current promotion, I feel the most soft or >

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