Five sites commonly used to promote the analysis of Web site promotion framework

, a website structure optimization: that is from the website of the official release before the start of the extension of the preparation, from the website structure, content and other aspects in the process of building a website on Google, Baidu and other search engine optimization design.

two, clear promotion goal: we must complete the website within a month, the full and website main function test, with some optimization methods (SEO search engine optimization); in second months, reached the daily flow of about three thousand, and stable, then use these data to expand our user groups, to reach a certain then the promotion stage, don’t step.

three, to determine the user groups: now we are based on information, so I do not care who you are, as long as you have this demand, then you are our users. Such as: we have a cosmetics group purchase information or activities like now, so the female is not for our main user groups? Back again, our platform is an interactive platform, we can communicate with these user groups. Let us serve them better. This is conducive to this platform, we can pull businesses and end users to communicate, put some professional knowledge to the merchant, we once again play a bridge.

four, the most common promotion methods: landing search engine and navigation station, and some large sites do some friendship connection, improve our website some weight. Another is the promotion of soft, the use of some of the web platform products, these things written in the article, and add the advertising of our site. So as to achieve the results of our website publicity, improve the external, enhance the weight.

Five, website promotion of

growth period: when the site has some visits, we should continue to maintain the website visit quantity growth and brand promotion, delivery of Internet advertising in the relevant industry website, exchange of resources with our partners.

said some of the above common sense, I am the next site from the framework began to do promotion:

1, in the process of the production site, the technician should think of the issue of the SEO, this is a website to understand and master the technology first. In the SEO category, the optimization of the site code is also one of them, that is, we often say that the standard WEB2.0 code.

2, when the site is ready to upload, we have to start trying to make the search engine to be included, here is to say that we have a little bit of the site itself to do the work of SEO. How can I let the search engine to be included; I have a few suggestions here; first, direct landing search engine two, and other sites do friendship connection three, soft text outside the chain, the chain of advertising, four. Why all the above said the chain, it is because, a new station you don’t give the search engine a lead up the road, how do you let the search engine know there is such a station of existence?

3, the site itself is no problem, then we have to start the real promotion work; how to promote?

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