The largest corporate communications market financing Yung iunin communication completed 70 million

, the largest enterprise cloud service providers Yung iunin communication (hereinafter referred to as the "volume") announced the completion of $70 million C round of financing, A round investors Sequoia Capital Chinese fund collar vote again, to participate in a number of investment institutions, including after the B round of investment capital letter Zhi and new international strategic investment. ECapital in this transaction as exclusive financial advisor Yung iunin communication. This is the largest domestic enterprises in the field of communication so far a financing, but also the domestic PaaS and SaaS field so far the largest C round of financing.



earlier this month, the U.S. cloud communications platform company Twilio listed on the New York stock exchange, becoming the United States in 2016 the first listed technology start-ups. Twilio’s IPO price of $15, the first day closing price soared to $28.79, or 91.9%, the market value of up to $2 billion 300 million unicorn".

compared to Twilio, belong to the field of cloud communications capacity, development is more rapid. Since 2013 on the line, the average annual growth rate of more than 7 times the capacity of the United States, has grown to be the world’s largest, the country’s largest enterprise communications cloud service providers. At present, Ronglian platform has already accumulated more than 200 thousand developers and 5 enterprise customers, customer service including but not limited to Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong, Baidu, 360, millet and other well-known enterprises, comprehensive coverage of O2O, travel, tourism, logistics, real estate, online education, internet medical, government and enterprise IT system etc.. In this process, Ronglian has also been the capital market is more and more recognized and sought after, 2013 Sequoia Capital Fund China A $4 million round of financing in 2015, loved the letter capital $15 million B round of financing.


Rong Lian founder, CEO Sun Changxun said: the United States and the United States has always focused on focusing on doing one thing – let communication services become the foundation of the internet. Yung linked by cyber source, communication resource integration operators, professional communication ability will be packaged into API interface and SDK, provide calls, SMS, video, call center, IM, traffic convenient, efficient and cost-effective communications services and the different scenarios of industry communication solutions for enterprises and developers. Ronglian subvert the technology and capital threshold, connection to the cloud computing changes communication and delivery mode, the best integration of communication network and the Internet, communication services and enterprise collaboration, greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises, improve the efficiency of communication. "We hope to promote the upgrading of Chinese communications industry change, corporate communications, Internet, cloud computing, and integration ability." Sun Changxun said.

Sequoia Capital China fund partner Zhou Kui believes: Rong Lian products to meet the business customers, especially mutual

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