Site promotion should pay attention to things

website promotion, is every webmaster in the exploration of things, but how to promote, is a different opinion, I also said that I think promotion way. Know clearly what you want to do, only to find the goal, you can focus on the strength to do, without a definite goal, almost can meet your failure. Features are more "unique", so we should:

1, do other people have not done things, it is true that now the Internet market, all kinds of site bundle is not poor, it seems that there is no can let you " only " signs. Since ancient times, almost all of the emergence of loopholes are unpopular, when others say is not what characteristics of things. It is precisely because you think of others did not expect, so, in order to " only " in order to fire. As long as we are good at discovering, we can always find their own way to find their own goals.

2, do not do " all rivers run into sea " ultra comprehensive site. What we need is something to do fine full flowering of everything. For now, the Internet environment, is tantamount to wishful thinking. We would rather do the same specialization, don’t make all flowering surface is not fine. A site, the most attractive is often so one or two aspects.

3, in order to more original content, with the content of the web site together with the name of the key word to do SEO, do not blindly stack so-called popular keywords, not to rely on the collection to complete.

4, do Links but not too hung Links, to find the PR value high connection. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the connection, look at each other’s domain name is the search engine has been cut. If it is cut, don’t do it with a link.

5, the campaign launched, it is necessary to ensure the quality of their site, to ensure that the site access speed. Do not do pop-up window ads or suspended advertising, the consequences of doing so, only to allow visitors to have a sense of boredom.

6, in the site advertising, is every webmaster will do, advertising can be, but should pay attention to advertising not to take too much space. And the election of the election of color and collocation must and their site with, do not affect the overall appearance of the site. Let people look at the comfort of the page and advertising, will also give you a higher click through rate.

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