From Alipay to pay 700 thousand yuan can make up the fault dislocation marketing


the morning of July 31st saw a piece of news, Alipay false winning message, because the winning 5 yuan lottery message into a IPAD per person in 2. Staff sent this message to 236 users. Finally, the wrong Alipay pocket to spend 700 thousand yuan per person, a iPad 2 to solve this problem, by the broad masses of hot friends. The one-sided support.

seems to be such a simple information, but that the Alibaba strong marketing concept, the marketing events can be said is to kill three birds.

a negative news pr. Taobao has recently been affected by a number of major events, mall sellers were attacked, professional assessment division and a series of events, has made this e-commerce giant Taobao pressure from all aspects of public opinion. So Taobao must network speech through the public relations, public relations, let netizens think that Taobao is a business in good faith, not because of their own mistakes, and let the consumers suffer a loss, also fall due to negative events influence.

two, to fight opponents. Dangdang, Jingdong and other e-commerce sites repeatedly because of their price wrong, and unilaterally cancel the order, so that consumers are very angry, but also seriously cited the mall’s reputation. Taobao through dislocation marketing 700 thousand yuan, let people naturally think of the Jingdong, Dangdang due to his fault, cancel the order of events unilaterally, can be said to rival a head-on blow while also improving their reputation.

three, strengthen Taobao mobile shopping concept. Mobile shopping is the future trend, Taobao in this regard has come to the front of the opponent. For mobile shopping promotions, Taobao has been in progress. Through this event marketing, so that more people understand the Taobao mobile shopping experience, so that Taobao’s mobile shopping client occupy more mobile terminal market. It is often better than the traditional way of marketing event marketing, event marketing will let users, media, social commentator, and other aspects involved, so that the Alipay 70 yuan, has made such a good marketing effect, can enter the classic textbook of the dislocation marketing.

in fact in reality is not the lack of dislocation marketing case, gold wine trader Shi Yuzhu is using dislocation marketing means, he avoided the most competitive hotel channel operation and health wine liquor in the sales of the largest bottle of wine market, the most direct understanding, also the best gift market, with its use of melatonin the gift, gold partner Kingdom, consumers in the gifts of visual fatigue under the impact of a new choice for consumers to increase products. Gold wine is neither the traditional sense of the liquor, more than wine, real plainly, Shi Yuzhu is his Chinese people packed into giving out a new gift! Brain liquor, gold partner sales for many years, consumers always send the giver, even if I do not fatigue, people a little gift tired of the liquor market each.

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