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Google good search and ease of use has been welcomed by the majority of users, but in addition to our regular use of Google sites, images and forums search, it has a lot of other search functions.

note: some of the newly launched Goolge search features are not available on the Google’s home page and must be entered into the browser.

Google personal portal

Figure 1


Google launched a personal portal called Google Personalized Homepage, we can call it "My Google", including Gmail, news, stocks, movies, words, driving routes and many other features. Throughout the Google launched a series of personalized products, we can easily find that Google is making such a personalized one-stop service experience center.

personalized search

Figure 2:

this new service will track each user to log in to the My Search History after the search, but also allows them to use the search engine to find all the pages in the search. Users can see the full text of any page in the Google search results, they can choose to cancel the service or delete some results from their search history.

all user information will be stored on the Google server, although this will make privacy advocates who are annoyed, but it allows users to log in at any time to check their search results.

Google real time map

Figure 3:


want to avoid the long standing on the street waiting for trouble? Would you like to sit in the room and find a taxi as soon as possible? Now, search engine Google can meet your needs. Last week, Chicago in the United States, the Internet "new map" know-it-all "the emergence of a new" real-time "map, marked with the position of the city more than 700 taxis. This real-time map was launched by Google and Chicago taxi company FlashCab, which shows the location of the global positioning system (GPS) idle taxi. At present, only the "FlashCab" on the web site and the disabled vehicles provided by its subsidiaries, luxury cars, taxis and freight cars used for rental, are updated every few minutes.

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