The 11 big mistake rookie entrepreneurs most likely to commit

BI Chinese station on November 5th reported

entrepreneurial process is usually full of hardships, if you are a rookie entrepreneur, entrepreneurship may easily fail. So how do you ensure that you don’t make stupid mistakes when you start your own business? One way is to learn from the past and see what other people have done wrong. The American mainstream media network BI through quiz website Quora, the 11 big mistake inventory of the rookie entrepreneurs are most likely to make the readers.

1 is not honest enough

, the third major U.S. carriers CenturyLink former chief information officer Lucas · Carlson (Lucas Carlson) said: "if you are not honest to yourself, then you can not make a key decision to really improve the health of the company. You’ll find excuses for yourself or make up stories to cover up your behavior that you don’t want to take responsibility for, or even you can’t believe the whole story. You need healthy skepticism so you can make real progress."

2 start

for the wrong reasons

the United States and India, a number of start-ups co-founder · Saydee (Rajesh Setty Rajesh;) said: "you can hopefully go to business, because it is motivated by my desire. However, if you start a business for the wrong reasons, you will get into trouble sooner or later."


on the bank balance

self programming, angel investors, co-founder of Murray · (Murli Ravi); rawe warned: "this is more common than you think. Even if your company has income and is profitable, you may still spend your money. Watch out! "

4 forget to lock up intellectual property


(micro-blog) notebook computer Chromebook developer Geoff · Nelson (Jeff Nelson) said: "for start-ups, lock the intellectual property rights is critical, including patent, trademark and copyright etc.. In the event of a patent dispute, startups may end up paying a huge price, or even being allowed to sell their products, which is an unbearable loss."

5 micro management time too long

electronic signature service EchoSign, embedded battery NanoGram Devices co-founder and CEO Jason · for nano materials; lamki (Jason M. Lemkin) said: "I think recently in the field of SaaS for the first time the biggest mistake committed by the enterprise, is the micro management duration is too long. They should let go and let your deputies play. Let them make mistakes, and you help correct them

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