Network promotion focus on their own quality with the help of external forces need to grasp their ow

network promotion for the site for its importance is beyond doubt, so many of our website operators especially the foundation of many website owners for network promotion is to spare no effort, and even can be said to be nothing, just to achieve a good promotion effect, so that the site get a good income. This idea is certainly no ground for blame, but if you think that as long as the website promotion is enough, then you’re wrong. In our website, promotion is only a means, the most fundamental is to provide users with a good experience in the Internet industry, so popular a word called "content is king", I believe that everyone should have heard. This sentence tell you that we do is to do a good job based web content. Network promotion is based on the content of our web site to do a good job on the basis of a number of other people know, let others know, let others use our website of various techniques. So, no matter how stressed the importance of promotion, I still believe that the contents of the body, to promote the use of.

promotion is only a means, but we in order to achieve our goal to take a gimmick, so the above mentioned without any of its very attitude requires us to reflect on this. Many owners are keen to promote, even ignoring the importance of the content, and blindly applied to develop their own website, on the one hand, the content itself has shortcomings, on the other hand, in order to get some short-term effects, and promote the vortex into inextricably bogged down in, eventually, network itself is not profitable, there is a most promoters eat. Therefore, the most practical way to promote the network is to do a good job in the first step, step by step to take the right way to promote the promotion of sustained and stable customers.

There are many methods of

network promotion, such as micro-blog, forum, blog, e-mail and so on, these are compared with the traditional way, the effect may be slow, but the cost is not high, as long as the use of the method to persist, will obtain satisfactory promotion effect; now there are also some other promotion methods you can make, within a short period of time to see the effect, but the cost is relatively high, many webmaster website regardless of their status and the use of the site, eventually just served as a stimulant, although the time seems to have a good effect, get a lot of IP, but if you could not form the long-term stability of customers, was eventually these promotion methods is bound to die, become a vassal of the promotion of the service providers, being a tool to make money. I think, no one is willing to become such a role, down, I will give you points out several ways to promote, is what I said above, if you don’t use caution, may eventually make your site be a tool to make money.

for the first, it is famous, is heard, ppc. PPC is definitely a great business model in the Internet market. It can be said that it created a Baidu, Googol such a great company, because the price ranking will lead to the market before and after the rankings, we do not compete on the cost of the above model, of course

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