The use of the platform to promote the website of the five big step

With the domestic

website has increased year by year, many websites demand for links is also growing, and there are a large number of links to the platform, since the go9go launch link platform, domestic link platform as the emergence of a large number of bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Not to mention the problem of profit model of link platform, just want to from so many links in the platform A new force suddenly rises. afraid is very difficult, but these links to content platform but we do these or other sites have a very good help, we do the chain platform in blogs, forums, etc. besides the Post Bar a good platform to do outside the chain, if we make good use of these links platform, so can bring us websites outside the chain of stable, thus we do keyword ranking is of great help. Take me to do a recent enterprise website three roller optimization case to talk about how to use the link platform for website promotion, and use this way to do what the chain should pay attention to.

said the site optimization, of course as much as possible in order to improve the site keywords ranking, ranking number and improve decision quality chain from the chain to great extent, so we use the link platform to do? Maybe a lot of people feel very simple, is not registered, and then publish a link. Here? Three roller gate station to tell you, this is not reasonable, and there is no plan and arrangement of the blind chain, we are in pursuit of a reasonable, sustained and effective outside the chain, then the good operation of the following steps, you believe that the chain effect is definitely not in general, the chain number there will be a great improvement.

one, with a week to collect link platform

a lot of people see this first article, perhaps began to scold me, the collection of links to spend a week with the platform. I can only say that you are an expert, I will not need to read this article, I do not think that an hour can collect all link platform, do not think you can file an hour to do the collation of data. I said a week apart to reasonable planning, with three days as much as possible all the link platform to collect down, I believe that search resources is the webmaster most familiar, but also the use of the best search engine. I have spent four days in a collection of more than 1 thousand link platform, no matter how late, you have these resources have been single for a long time enough of their own narcissism. Then to collect these huge resources after the rest of the day, we need to classify these resources, the establishment of Excel table, table which were written on the website address and the corresponding registered user name and password, the information in accordance with the size of the site, visibility or PR value to be arranged placement, this is actually a a habit, do these is to tell you the statistical data and resource consolidation before doing anything, without this step you will be a lot of difficulties later, on the contrary, the early these seemingly simple repetitive work, but can bring great convenience to you in later period, and save a lot of not the necessary time and effort.

two, landing link platform publishing site


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