How to stand out in the 2013 network marketing strength and brand

suddenly found the topic this year is no longer SEO optimization or how to network marketing, but to discuss how to conduct electricity supplier business or O2O mode and new media marketing, a great difference which seems to be one or two years ago and personal webmaster circle.

I suddenly found that in this year more personal owners began to precipitate, toward the promotion of self brand and personal contacts, personal brand, and gradually grow into the network marketing circles veteran.

in the face of such a development direction, for starters it will reduce a lot, and one morning chat with friends in the industry, he said in Chengdu took a network editor’s salary was 1300 yuan, I feel very surprised that such a small salary to live it. He replied that because the industry is not a long time to do their own, while many skills do not have, so there is no choice of their own, there is a situation that had to compromise.

said there is bitter personal webmaster, it verified this sentence.

but as a group to develop, after the two years of fierce competition, the development of the individual owners seeking a breakthrough natural understand this industry, the author analyzes some time for the development of the Internet:

first: from 2000 to 2005 between the personal webmaster has developed into the industry heavyweights, they either succeed, or has been transformed.

second: from 2005 to 2010 between the individual owners in the subdivision has developed into a senior expert, they have the right to speak in the field of subdivision, such as SEOWHY.

third: from 2010 to 2012 between the personal webmaster also began settling skills and personal brand, is to replace the next generation of segments of the boss.

from the above three time period of more than and 10 years of development, we can see that in the analysis, the future trend of development is to accumulate experience in the industry at the same time, the use of their field technical development authority.

is more than the existence of a market environment based on the network of professional training institutions began to emerge, double mode and line by line in groups to provide the service, this is why the current online education market in recent years is one of the reasons to the front, so the author thinks that the individual owners in 2013 to constantly improve their own strength as long as the talent shows itself the use of personal brand strength to win, and contacts.

through the Baidu search engine to search the network marketing planning occupation in the top position of "network marketing engineer", found that in addition to some other questions, found that the company called the guest ( did early on about Network Marketing Engineer training.

The author thinks that

improve their skills in two ways:

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