The use of Q & a platform to do brand promotion practical experience

believe that almost all of them have done SEOER Q & a promotion, such as Baidu Q & A, Sogou ask, 360 questions and answers. We ask questions and answers in these platforms are mainly want to do the chain, the answer to the question, or when the issue is to bring their own web site. However, due to some Q & a platform hit, and now want to do outside the chain is really difficult in the inquiry platform. So, a lot of people give up do Q & a promotion, to use other methods.


I also like everyone, before also do Q & a promotion. Later, due to the chain to do too much, was limited to the Baidu, the answer to the question directly into the recycle bin, but also not easy to do on a chain. Do SEO, I feel or do Baidu on the line, for some other questions and answers platform I do not do.

before when I was learning SEO, see my SEO every day the teacher questions promotion, do very professional, is ready to question and answer question and answer form to do. Of course, the teacher told me not to do the chain, but do these questions and answers can do brand promotion. For example, my site called Pizhou tiger network company, I can do some questions and answers in the question or answer to write a few words of my tiger network. In this way, others in the search engine search my brand words can find my website.

at that time of their own question and answer promotion is not interested in doing a few unsuccessful really impatient, and gave up. Later, Baidu began to fight SEO do junk chain, SEO began to enter the era of user experience. For the chain, we are no longer talking about the forum signature, blog is no longer a message, are talking about the quality of the chain. The quality of the chain, I have always thought that is to write the original article, and so on, and then included a number of contributions to the platform, such as A5 webmaster network is where I often contribute.

then I will establish the Shao Lianhu blog, every day is to write, put some knowledge of their own learning to share with you. But what about the effect? That’s what it feels like. It’s not as good as I thought. Before, as long as I write original articles, and then contribute to A5 someone is looking for me to do. Now, almost every day to do the user submission is pitiful.

this time, I still adhere to the original article to Shao Lianhu blog writing, after which it will do the next Taobao, inadvertently found a question and answer promotion. For question and answer platform, I believe we all know that the fire is now almost know. Know what is, is not a Q & a platform? Q & a platform so much, why do you know it is so fire, for reasons I really can not find out. Since some people like to know so much, these days I have been aware of almost wandering.

before SEO teacher told me that nothing in the search outside the SEO forum to answer some questions, so you can help others can learn some knowledge. And I, every day is to live in

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