The first steam car announced B round of financing for 2 billion 200 million Pacific asset investmen


technology news (Xiang Xin) December 26th, headed by car announced the completion of A+ and B round of financing, the total financing amount reached 2 billion 150 million yuan. Tencent technology does not guarantee the accuracy of the amount. This round of investment led by Pacific assets, insurance, fund, sub Tian Mu CCBI etc. with the vote. The first steam car insiders said, this round of financing will be used for the purchase of vehicles, the main capital market development, technology development and resource integration etc..

as the first automobile group car rental cars, shareholders, its predecessor is the capital of automobile company. In July 2014, the first steam "internationalization, Internet, market oriented, build the" real economy + Internet plus capital "pattern, the car began to make attempts in the first steam transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

at present, more than 70 domestic car rental cars, the city has nearly 500 direct line outlets, the fleet size of more than 30 thousand vehicles.

data show that the first steam car to get in early 2015 the first brigade group and the first automobile group 900 million yuan start-up capital, have been the six major banks in July 2015 and October 27 billion comprehensive credit won the Harvest Fund A round of 800 million yuan investment strategy. In February 14, 2016 by car Shouqi car, complete North South Industrial layout.

The first steam car

said, this round of financing will further strengthen the first steam car industry and cross industry integration, and mobile travel’s cars, cars, cars and new energy about timeshare rental GOFUN Internet operating platform to achieve coordinated development.

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