Talk about College Students

I was a boring college students know that website owners have a lot of students are, to do stop technology, especially in computer science, some college students have its foothold in the network, but some outdated still struggle, no goal. Please don’t be afraid, I try the idea of.

actually I think our students less is not technology, but the time is very adequate, is the lack of objective standpoint, if we look carefully around it, in fact, our school, is a large network market. Just an ordinary college students, at least there are more than 5 thousand people, and nearly 10 students, at least four or five of a computer, after all, it is the information age, without a computer, long boring college life how to mix ah. But outside businesses, factories, enterprises,… Want to advertise their products. In our school, and service. The recruitment of personnel. The school is so big, if propaganda must let each student know, just send some flyers posted some notice on the bulletin board, it is difficult to effect.

said, as if to build a platform in the school, the students in this school are together, do some practical information content to retain them, let them under your control, then you are with the outside enterprise collusion, it can be for you, hey…… etc. in this school to stand the pace, in the school from the assembly, with your classmates, good warlords, it can slowly go to the city at this time, it can be glory, splendour, wealth and rank point the day and await for it, ha ha…….

…In fact, the

is just some little exaggeration of my views, do not know if there is no help for you brother, without any help, please don’t scold me to my website

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