Analysis of the feasibility of local classification information network

now classified information tycoons too fierce competition, of course, most of the webmaster friends is concerned with the establishment of a local classification and information network, today mainly aims at the prospect analysis of establishing local classified information network.

personally think, first of all, you want to understand the habits of Internet users, according to my master, the Internet search information users accounted for the total number of 75%-80%. This laid the foundation for the classification information network. The information provided by the network has been recognized by many Internet users for its instant update, rich content and strong interaction. Therefore, the development of classified information website has a broad space.

information content. Information must follow a practical reason. Users who are really interested in this area are really helpful to their lives, while the main user groups should be. In the early preparations, can focus on making a batch of leaflets (paintings, books), free hanging or payment in the business, at the same time can be carried out in urban distribution on the main road (which is possible in the small and medium-sized city), also can organize some interactive activities to accumulate popularity. At the same time according to the size of the city, can consider a few about the information, make their investigation according to the area every day, watching the area have the latest promotions, discounts information, new information, event information, some immediately released, but also in business have the initiative to contact information released.

classification information website is able to make money, because the classification of the national information website can not do the localization of information, seize the opportunity to be a millionaire or completely.

has published many times on the prospect of the classified information network, we also got many comments and suggestions, after summing up, today in the Times published on classified information network operation analysis, this way, please mark reproduced if.

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